Sun 24
Round Robin Matches against Southend & Wanstead

Round Robin Matches against Southend & Wanstead

By Robert Carrington
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Big game of Bulldog at the end.

Burnham U7's travelled to Southend RFC to play both Southend and Wanstead U7 teams.

With the weather the nicest we have had for a long time some of the players needed to remove their skins so they didn't over heat.

Burnham split into two teams however we waited for their first game as the two Southend teams played against the two Wanstead teams. All players were watching the games to see who they were playing against.

Burnham played Southend first and the games were played fairly and evenly between the two teams but Burnham won both games 10-7 & 7-6.

The second game played by the Burnham teams were against Wanstead. These games were a lot closer between the two teams. Wanstead won one game 9-10 but Burnham won the other game 6-4.

All Burnham players scored tries and there were some excellent tagging at times. Well done to all players today and in particular Zach for being this weeks Player of the week for Burnham.

After the games the Southend coaches called all players in from all three teams for a big game of Bulldog. The coaches were starting in the middle of the pitch to try to get the Tags. With the children proving tricky to tag they made it past the coaches for an end or two but them the coaches managed to get a few Tags. Then the children managed to get a fair few Tags each end. With roughly 35 children partaking in this game of Bulldog the game was eventually narrowed down to one player from Burnham and one player from Southend. Lucas from Burnham managed to be the last player standing but was brilliantly tagged by another Burnham player Jake who seemed to come out of nowhere to get the Tag.

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